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The Doll Man Duology

by Howard Hachey

book cover
All Bones Are White

by Carlo Perez Allen

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Catching Hell Part One: Journey

by Marc Watson

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All Bones Are White

by Fluky Fiction

September 15 kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month here in the US. I (Cara, here) am going to be honest and admit something terribly embarrassing: I didn't know Hispanic Heritage Month was a thing until I started working with Carlo. There, it's on the internet, so I have to own it. Granted, maybe …

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Growing Pains

by Cara Flannery

Hey, friends!

It’s been awhile. I’d attempted to write this blog post during Thanksgiving break. Well, we all see how that worked out. It's always pretty obvious when it's holiday break time; my social media accounts suddenly become active with project …

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We're Going Through Changes...

by Fluky Fiction

Hello, author and reader friends!

As you may have noticed, our website has gone through some changes. About time! Our founding editor, Cara Flannery, has a brother who dabbles in web design, and he offered to give us a hand. If you like …