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Happy Hump Day!

We'll be running a Black Friday sale for our freelance services until December 1.

20% OFF

Gift Cards

Preorders w/ a minimum $50 downpayment

Here's how to snatch up the discounts.👇


To find our gift cards, hover your mouse over the "FREELANCE SERVICES" tab in the menu bar (top of the website). An option for "GIFT CARDS" should drop down. That's it!


Step 1: Send me a message with your word count, when you'd like to send the manuscript for editing, and any deadlines you have. This way we can make sure I have the availability on my calendar. Someday I'll make a cute little booking calendar that shows my availability, but that day isn't today.

Step 2: If you're a new client and would like a sample edit before booking, please include at least 3-5 pages of the manuscript. You can send as much as you'd like--some authors send a chapter or the full manuscript. I'm flexible! After reviewing the sample edit, we'll move on to STEP 3 if we're a good fit. 👍

Step 3: Make a downpayment.

I'm still sorting out the "Freelance Services" page. It's a little messy. The quickest way to make a downpayment would be to click the little purple coffee cup in the menu bar. 17 coffees comes our to $51, so that would be the minimum if you choose that route.

My preference is to do this through PayPal invoicing. That way, we can create an invoice for the project and include all of the important details like potential start date and delivery, and you can track how much of the invoice is left to pay off.

I think that's it! If you find yourself on the struggle bus and need some assistance, don't be shy to send me a message on IG or an email to

Happy Thanksgiving!

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