Our Freelance Services

Many authors are choosing to go the self-publishing route. Or, they'd like to try their luck with an agent or a larger publisher. We get that. We also get how expensive quality editing services can be. Our freelance services won't cost you either of your kidneys!

*Signed authors receive all of our services without charge.


Have a great idea for a story, but you just don't have the time, writing know-how or creative energy to complete the work? We can help!

1K Words


5K Words


10K Words


15k Words


25k Words


40k Words


Copy Editing

Sort of like proofreading on steroids. Not only does copyediting include correcting surface errors (spelling, punctuation, usage, grammar, etc.), but it also involves keeping an eye out for inconsistencies, fact checking, repetition, and other technical issues that might hinder a story.

10K Words


40K Words


100K Words


Line/Stylistic Editing

More focus on the use of language and style: sentence structure, word usage, unnecessary language, etc. This is more about style, tone, and mood, fluidity, and so on.

Includes copy editing.

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40K Words


100K Words


Developmental Editing

The most involved type of editing. Feedback and suggestions around story content: character development, plot holes, areas in need of more detail, etc. Developmental editing can also include coaching and assisting with the planning of the story.

Includes copyediting and line editing.

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40K Words


100K Words


Book & Writing Coaching

Writing a book is a journey, and like most journeys, there are challenges along the way. Sometimes, we all need a thinking partner; I’d love to be yours! ☺️

Since all writers and all books are unique, coaching sessions will be adapted to your goals, vision, and needs. Need some help with character development? Want an unbiased reader to give you some feedback on your writing style? Stuck on a plot detail? Looking for accountability and help with goal setting? Is there something else you need help with? I got you!

Live coaching sessions will be held via Zoom. It’s totally fine to show up in your PJs and to bring a coffee, tea, or beverage of your choice. Video/audio chat not your thing? We can chat via messaging if you prefer. ☺️

I can't wait to work with you!

30min Zoom Session


Prior reading + editor notes (up to 5k words) 3


Creation of 1 organizer/template


Review & feedback of 1 completed organizer


Goal Setting (via messaging w/o Zoom)