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The Heart of the Hydra

Romantic Comedy

By A. Mangina

Nick is a lonely introvert with a deep, dark secret. His jock physique, curly locks, and steely blue eyes only cover so much of the hideous truth that he keeps hidden from everyone around him. His seemingly normal outward appearance provides him the ability to blend in effortlessly with the rest of the beautiful people of South Harbor, a bustling seaside metropolis where warm sand and water border cold concrete and steel.

He meets Harper: an overly sarcastic, emotionally damaged girl who has moved to the city after the tragic loss of her mentally fragile boyfriend. They soon embark on a weird and wonderful journey of self-discovery, odd social norms, and love. The deep inner truths and boundless soul attraction that they soon share for one another becomes a constant struggle of not only the heart, but of the flesh as well.

The Heart of the Hydra is a story of forbidden love cradled in the strong arms of philosophical merit. Examining various psychological nuances while remaining satire to its intended genre, The Heart of the Hydra is an edgy romantic-comedy that dares to ask the question: Are two heads really better than one?