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The Doll Man Duology

Horror, Cosmic Horror, Thriller

By Howard Hachey

From 1970 to 1989, more than fifty children were found in pieces across the state of Maine.

The twisted, methodical displays of carnage frightened the calm backwoods communities of Vacationland and shocked the entire nation. Many mutilated bodies later, the killings stopped. With no leads or suspects, the case was left to run cold. The Doll Man's legacy of torture is still veiled in mystery. But, some still say The Doll Man could return. Would return.

Against all odds, a socially inept sixteen-year-old boy inadvertently uncovers the truth. Through a series of events, he unravels the mystery to one of the East Coast's most notorious unsolved string of murders.

A multi-layered paranoic thrill ride into the dark corners of the human psyche, Howard Hachey's The Doll Man Duology will force readers to question the intricate workings of what we perceive as Truth.

As They watch it all

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About Howard Hachey

A native Mainer, Howard Hachey naturally enjoys a quiet, private life deep in the woods. Although he owns no flannel and hates lobster, the natural seclusion of New England life suits him fine. When he's not complaining to himself or watching the trees at night, he's writing novels and short stories.