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All Bones Are White


By Carlo Perez Allen

“A poignant, frequently captivating, and timely portrait.” —Kirkus Reviews

What does it mean to be American?
For a young immigrant boy named Carlo--who had to say goodbye to his birth name and country--the answer was a hard one to find.

When Carlo was just five years old, his Mexican mother, Camerina, married a gringo, Bill Allen. Wanting only the best for his three adoptive children, Bill moved his new family across the border. Bags packed and sights set for the sky, they left Mexico and set their sights on none other than the Big Apple. From the very start of this long trek across North America, Carlo’s childhood was filled with exciting new experiences, harrowing odds, and cultural backlash. Detailing one man’s personal journey of self-discovery in a foreign land, All Bones Are White offers readers a rare firsthand glimpse into the seemingly insurmountable struggles of the lengthy Americanization process.

Told in Carlo Perez Allen’s own words, learn first-hand how one person’s identity can be forcefully molded, generalized, and lost within the struggle to obtain the All-American dream.

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About Carlo Perez Allen

Carlo learned the new culture and language in the classroom where he felt loved by his teachers. He played that forward teaching all grades, K-12, with his heart for twenty-five years. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from the University of California Berkeley. He is a graduate of the American Film Institute. He is a WGA member where he serves on the NAACP Image Awards Committee and the LatinX writers committee. He wrote for the television show The Facts of Life and is a co-writer of the feature film Home Sweet Hell, starring Katherine Heigl and Jim Belushi. Carlo has written, directed, and performed in many plays, television shows, and feature films.