Hey, friends!

It’s been awhile. I’d attempted to write this blog post during Thanksgiving break. Well, we all see how that worked out. It's always pretty obvious when it's holiday break time; my social media accounts suddenly become active with project updates. I know, my social media game has been weak, and I can't even place the full blame on 2020 for that. When I’m not able to respond to messages abruptly or take on a project, guilt sucker punches me in the gut. To anyone who has been waiting for a response or whose project was wait-listed, words can’t express how sorry I am!

The biggest reason for these headaches is because we (Fluky Fiction) have been going through some major growing pains. In September of 2019, Dylan made the shift to being a full-time ghostwriter. His work has been selling like hotcakes--which is awesome! However, this means that we are in a constant state of “overbookedness.” (Yeah, I know it’s not a word. I’m following Shakespeare’s lead…) Editing requests are also coming from all directions. We couldn’t be more appreciative of all of the support and interest in our services, and I want anyone reading this to know we are doing our best to keep up with the demand. 

Fluky Fiction began as a passion project of sorts because Dylan and I both have a love of literature, writing, and the art of storytelling. Honestly, we had never dreamed of having enough growth where one of us could leave a day job and do this full-time. It’s amazing--like a story come to life. But like all stories, a few conflicts have slithered their way into the plot. Quality is not something we are willing to sacrifice. When you come to Fluky Fiction with a project, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to give you the best damn work possible. With this mission comes sacrifice, though. Unfortunately, there will be times when there is a wait of 30 days or more. 

I know. Waiting sucks

But, we would rather not stretch ourselves too thin and risk you not getting our best. Every single project that comes our way gets our full attention. You and your work deserve nothing less. 

Our intern Matthew has been doing an excellent job helping us to keep up. Honestly, he is at the point where I would be comfortable to give him an editing project to work on independently. He’s proven himself to be more than capable. So if you reach out and we are booked out for longer than is ideal, please ask me about Matthew’s availability and the intern rate. 


Publication stuff...

The release of Howard Hachey’s (In)Valid Circumstances was pushed to January. We’re super excited about this project and can’t wait for you all to see it! The release dates for Marc Watson’s Catching Hell series are soon to come. Matthew is working on the final proofreading while Dylan and I have been exploring and envisioning new cover art. We love discovering and meeting new artists, so please HMU if you have an artist recommendation. More to come on the publication front once we can take a few breaths!

Before I brew more coffee and wrap up my current editing project, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of the authors, clients, readers, and cheerleaders who have been supporting us. Whether it be hiring us to work on a project, sharing our publications or services, or tagging us in a post, we appreciate every single one of you. A special thank-you to Matthew for joining the family and helping us out. Oh, a special thank-you to Marc Watson for entrusting his work with us. Your work should be with the big-boy publishing houses, not our little boutique press, and our appreciation can’t be measured or expressed via language. 


Love all of you, and I hope your 2020 concludes beautifully. <3