We get it

Agents and publishing agencies are becoming more and more selective in the projects they take on. This isn't their fault; with computers in most households, it's easier than ever to capture stories. We understand the devastation of being told for the tenth (or twentieth) time that, "Unfortunately, it isn't what we are looking for right now." Some great stories slip by large publishing houses because they are so bombarded by submissions.

Creativity is hard to come by. And when something IS unique, often times it's pushed aside for the sure sell. Worse, an editor will ask an author to alter his/her vision for the sake of marketing and sell-ability.

At Fluky Fiction, we strongly stick by the old adage: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

...but sometimes, we all need a little help.

Let us help you share your story. Let us help you place those words onto the pages, or the screens, and under the eyes of eager readers. Our authors stay in complete control of their work. We will be involved as much, or as little, as you'd like us to be.

Meet Our Staff

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Cara Flannery

Publisher / Founding Editor

A graduate of the University of Maine, Farmington with a BS in English Language and Literature, Cara taught high school English for 8 years. Through these teaching experiences, she discovered a passion for helping writers hone their craft. Back in 2016, she began offering freelance editing services and has now professionally edited hundreds of fiction projects.

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Dylan Flannery

Co-Founder / Ghostwriter

Dylan has ghostwritten over 70 projects and has authored various novels and short stories. His specialties include science fiction, horror, thriller, and romance.

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Samantha McGrath

Graphic Designer

Sam is an upperclassman jumpstarting her career through internships and freelance work. She's been successfully certified as an Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Professional and has been designing for around two years. Her current goals are to continue her Internship with Fluky Fiction throughout high school and to become a full-time freelance Graphic Designer among other multimedia production. Aside from her career path, she works as an office assistant for a local business in Maine.

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Julie Sanborn

Intern: Writer & Beta Reader

Julie is a current senior with a strong passion for writing and is beginning to dip her toes into the profession. She’s been writing ever since she could hold the pencil, and her passion for storytelling has only gotten stronger. She especially enjoys the imaginative worlds people can create and put on paper. Despite how hard she can be on herself about her own work, Julie has been praised for the short stories she shares with peers and teachers. Through this internship, Julie hopes to be able to strengthen her confidence and gain more insight into the writing process in a professional setting.

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Matthew Day

Intern: Editorial Assistant & Editor

In 2020, Matt started his internship with Fluky Fiction, and, in 2021, he graduated from Nokomis Regional High. Currently, he is a college student at the University of Maine at Orono studying English and Classics. With no defined aspirations in life, he has decided to go with the flow.